Things to Know About Morbid Obesity

Things to Know About Morbid Obesity

Morbid Obesity

On our day and age, experts who explain morbid obesity on TV channels and websites provide recommendations about a healthy life helping it to be considered important. The first requirement for a healthy life is the suitability of the weight level to the age and height. If your weight is too high for your age or your height, you’ll be diagnosed with obesity. Today, one of the most dangerous type of obesity is the morbid obesity. We’re going to show you the things to know about morbid obesity.

What Are the Symptoms of Morbid Obesity?

Firstly, we want to explain to you what morbid obesity means. Aside from being overweight, if there are disorders that are affecting the body’s balanced and systematic functioning negatively, is also defined as morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is having a BMI value over 40. After calculating the morbid obesity BMI, if the value is over 40 observations show that there can be extra disorders.

Some people ask us questions like; How much does a morbidly obese person weigh? The weight measurement in this question does not matter, for us to determine if a person is morbidly obese or not, we have to calculate the body mass index. With this we can say that a person’s height is an important variant. After explaining what morbidly obese is, we want to talk about the symptoms of this obesity type.

When the value is over 40 in BMI calculations there can be various symptoms that can be observed. The first of the symptoms is gaining weight suddenly and rapidly. There can be weight gains of 4+ kilograms in just a month.

  • Widening in the waist area in morbidly obese is higher than other parts of the body. Starting with slow weight gain the movement is gets limited over time by continuous weight gain, therefore the waist gets broader.
  • One of the most common and obvious symptoms is having difficulty breathing. Sometimes sleep can be interrupted because breathing difficulties.
  • In a group of people, when no one else is sweating, people who are going to be diagnosed as morbidly obese will sweat excessively.
  • Even doing daily chores can put a strain on an individual.

Results of Morbid Obesity

Individuals who are diagnosed with morbid obesity can be grouped differently. Especially people who have the 3rd degree morbid obesity face serious consequences. What is 3rd degree morbid obesity you might ask, in short, we can say that it’s the people who have a BMI value of over 40.

  • On these people, diabetes can be observed more commonly, and with this women might get PCOS.
  • Having difficulty breathing might turn into asthma.
  • Hypertension and heart attack risk gets higher.
  • Complaint of urinary incontinence increases.

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