Things to Do Before Going into Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Things to Do Before Going into Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

For the operation to have a good start and course, the patients need to follow their doctors’ advice just as they say for the sleeve gastrectomy surgery.


According to this;


  • Firstly, some of the tests of the patient must be reviewed by the anaesthesiologist. In these tests, it is checked whether there will be an issue as a result of receiving anaesthesia.
  • Then, the opinions of physicians, completion of needed tests from departments such as psychiatry, chest diseases and cardiology are examined.
  • Before the obesity surgery, a blood test is performed on the person in order to examine the conditions such as kidney and liver functions.
  • One of the preparation stages is detailed examinations of endoscopy and ultrasound. The aim is to determine whether the person’s organs of the digestive system will be affected badly by the operation.
  • If there happens to be some issues, the operation can be postponed to a later date to treat the person’s existing disorder first.
  • If the patient already has existing chronic diseases, then taking them under control before the surgery is also included in the preparation stage.
  • In order for the bodies of our chronic patients to become more balanced, a diet plan is prepared by their dietician and then the date of the surgery can be determined according to the course of the situations.

For example, someone with diabetes has to have their sugar levels balanced first, then the date of the surgery can be planned.

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